25 Best Herbs to Grow Easily for Beginners

25 Best Herbs to Grow Easily for Beginners

Herbs are the best plant to grow at home. Thousand types of herbs are available but you’ll see the most recommended and best herbs to grow below. Those herbs will help you make soups, salads, and stew in better taste. They can also grow on the patio, on windowsill, or in the backyard.


25 Best Herbs to Grow At Home

No matter where you will grow the herbs, you must know that they need at least 4 to 6 hours of good sun every single day. Don’t plant only the herbs you already knew. Plant them with some new best herbs to grow so that you’ll learn new things and get new taste for your dishes.

1. Mint

growing Mint

Mint comes in assorted varieties. Use mint in your drinks such as mint juleps or mojito. Mint will also make your iced tea taste fresher and better. Why should you plant this herb at home? Mint will freshen your breath. It is also able to calm the stomach. Start growing spearmint now and enjoy the benefits.

If you decide to grow this one of the best herbs to grow, keep in mind that mint is an invasive plant. The plant is going to spread then take over the entire garden. It is much better to grow mint inside the containers or pots.

2. Parsley

growing Parsley

Though this herb comes with mild bitter taste, parsley is considered as one of the best herbs to grow on a windowsill since you need to grab it every time you need to enhance the foods’ flavor. You sure can use parsley to garnish your food but it is capable of balancing the flavors of many foods like stews.

Another benefit of parsley is it is able to aid in your digestion. People are used to planting parsley as the annual plant, but if you live in the milder climates, your parsley will grow well during the winter. Still wondering about what herbs grow well in winter?

Learn how to grow parsley indoors and enjoy vitamin C and A all year long.

3. Basil

growing Basil

The third of best herbs to grow is basil, whether the large purple basil that is sweet or the large leaf Italian one. This herb is going to give you the best Italian cooking such as pesto, sauces, salads, and pizzas.

Basil will not only bring good taste to your foods but also will give you some health benefits from the antioxidants it carries. Basil is also a powerful herb that is capable of defending against the low blood sugar. Figure out how to grow basil and harvest every time you need it.

4. Dill

growing Dill

Another extremely useful herb for your kitchen is dill. It is a brilliant flavoring for peas, potatoes, fish, and even lamb. Just like parsley, dill is able to aid in the digestion. And just like mint, dill is going to fight the bad breath. Dill also has additional benefits: reduce cramps and swelling.

If you are looking for the best herbs to grow easily, dill is what you need. And if you plant some other plants in the garden, dill will help attract the helpful insects such as predatory insects and wasps to keep your plants healthy.

5. Rosemary

growing Rosemary in a pot

One herb plant that is perfect to grow in Texas is rosemary. This herb is extra flavorful and is perfect to season your vegetables, meats, and poultry. Rosemary grows well in soil that is a little dry, so make sure you don’t overwater the plant. When you let it flourish, rosemary is going to be a full sized bush.

Get to know how to freeze rosemary so you can use it for long time.

6. Sage


Looking for herbs that are perfect for your resident in Southern California? The drought tolerant sage that is not only an aromatic herb but is also a great seasoning for your veggies, sauces, and meats will be a great herb to plant.

Sage is also categorized in best herbs to grow since it will help relieve inflammation and cuts and is capable of helping with the memory issues. Growing sage is easy and taking care of it is even easier. Plant it in the garden to attract the bees.

7. Thyme

growing Thyme in a pot

If you are looking for the right herb that can easily grow in Florida, thyme should be in your list. This delicate looking herb will flavor your vegetable, bean, and egg dishes. Pair this herb with tomatoes, poultry, and lamb to get the best dish.

Thyme can also help you flavor your stews and soups. As part of the mint family, thyme has the minty and lemony smell. Pick the grey green colored leaves variety of thyme and start growing thyme in your garden.

8. Fennel

growing Fennel in a pot

Not only aromatic, fennel is also a very flavorful herb that comes from Mediterranean region. If you live in a region where the soils are dry, like in the river banks or close to the ocean, fennel is one of the best herbs to grow. It has leaves that have strong flavor.

You can sauté the fennel bulb, grill it, or eat it raw. You can also add the bulbs to your salads or use them as garnish for your foods. Thinking of drying fennel and the other herbs you grow at home? Learn more about the benefits of dry herbs vs. herbs.

9. Coriander or cilantro

growing Coriander or cilantro in a pot

Known as the Chinese parsley or coriander leaf, cilantro is one of the best herbs you can grow hydroponically. Grow and use this herb to complete our spicy foods such as the Indian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines.

Coriander and cilantro don’t like the warm ground. So if you want to start growing cilantro in pots, make sure you do it early in the season.

10. French tarragon

growing French tarragon

French tarragon must be in the list when you are looking for the best herbs to grow indoors. This herb is going to transform your ordinary dish into a masterpiece thanks to the flavor or spicy anise it has. Chicken salad with little tarragon is going to taste much better.

This one of the best herbs to grow will also turn your meat dishes, sauces, and soups taste wonderful. French tarragon can even make your vegetables taste different.

11. Chamomile

Chamomile flower

If you love making herbal tea, you absolutely have to learn how to grow chamomile along with the other best herbs to grow in pots. But herbal tea is not only the superpower of chamomile. Chamomile will help treat fevers and reduce inflammation, also calm the nerves and settle the stomachs.

12. Chives

growing Chives in container

This herb is a member of the garlic family. You can use chives to perfect your sour cream. Though this herb came from Asia, lots of cuisines from around the world are completed with chives to create a better taste.

Start learning how to grow chives indoors and you can use chives to perfect your soups, shellfish, salads, potatoes, fish, and eggs.

13. Lavender

Lavender plant

Lavender is a multipurpose herb that you need to grow, especially if you need a herb that can help you maintain the beauty of your hair. As one of the best herbs to grow, lavender can be used as a condiment that you can use in dressings and salads to give them a little sweet flavor.

Lavender plants can survive in various growing conditions. However, this herb plant grows best in soil that is well drained and warm and under the full sun. Make sure you really know how to grow lavender in a pot.

14. Bay leaves

growing Bay leaves

The aroma of bay leaves will remind you of mint, clove, and balsam. This herb is famous because of its ability to create better stews and many other dishes that involve long simmering. Bay leaves will provide the taste that is a little bitter, peppery, and sharp.

Add bay leaves when you start cooking. Before you serve the dish, you need to remove the entire bay leaves since they are not edible.

15. Arugula

growing herbs: Arugula

Unlike the previous herb, arugula’s leafy green and its peppery taste is edible. The leaves are also aromatic and have spicier flavor compared to many other green herbs. The leaves of best herbs to grow usually are eaten raw but you can also cook them and add them to your pesto, pasta, or pizza. Learn How to Grow Arugula from seed to harvest.

16. Chervil

Chervil plant

Just like arugula, chervil also produces light green, flat, and lacy leaves. The leaves enhance the flavor of salads, eggs, vegetables, fish, and chicken. Still related to parsley, this herb has become one of indispensable herbs in many kitchens. Try to use this herb and see how it changes your cooking.

17. Lemon balm

Lemon balm plant

If you need herbs that can grow indoors where the sunlight is limited, plant lemon balm. The leaves are great for cooking use. Those leaves can replace the lemon peels and are able to flavor your seafood, vinegars, sauces, and soups.

You can also grow this low light herb and use the leaves to make sugar cookies and lemony tea cookies. Lemon balm leaves can also complete your salad, mixed fruits, and even help you get better vinaigrette salads and marinades.

18. Lemongrass

Lemongrass in a pot container

Next of the best herbs to grow is the lemongrass that the stalks are able to provide the antioxidants like beta carotene. Those stalks will defend against the cancer and are able to relieve eye inflammation. People are used to brew lemongrass in tea but you can also use them as the seasoning herb. You must know all about growing lemongrass

19. Peppermint

growing eppermint

Peppermint is one of the best herbs to grow together with the other herb plants. Peppermint will aid in digestions and is able to freshen the breath. It also contains lots of vitamin B, calcium, and potassium. You can use peppermint oil to flavor your cooking but that oil can also be used as the natural pesticide.

In growing peppermint you need to prepare partial shade and rich soil. Plant them inside containers to prevent peppermint from growing wild.

20. Winter savory

growing Winter savory

The twentieth of best herbs to grow is winter savory that will add aromatic flavors to so many dishes you cook. This herb is also great to be used medicinally because of the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. You can even use winter savory to garnish your salads or flavor your liqueurs.

21. Stevia

growing Stevia

This herb is the best herb to plant if you are looking for the natural sweetener. No calories contained by this herb. Stevia is one of perennial herbs plant but it will survive only in North America where the climates are milder. If you want to know how to plant herbs from seeds, learn to plant stevia during summer.

22. Oregano

growing Oregano in a pot

Another member of the mint family, oregano is the right plant to grow in North Carolina. This plant is also known as marjoram and still related to the sweet marjoram. You can start growing oregano indoors and use this herb leaves to flavor your cuisine.

Which one is better to grow between spice vs. herbs? In fact, oregano is one of best herbs to grow that is always used in Italian American cuisines.

23. Cutting celery

Cutting celery plant

This herb is a leafy and aromatic herb that you can use to replace celery to add flavor to many dishes. Cutting celery is not the flat leafed parsley, this herb comes with dark colored glossy leaf that has stalks like the small sprig and serrated edge. You can use both stems and leaves to flavor your cooking.

You should know how to grow and how to harvest herbs to leverage from them.

24. Bergamot

growing Bergamot

As one of the best herbs to grow under fruit trees, bergamot or bee balm will be a wonderful addition to your breads, salads, pizzas, and the other dishes. Slightly spicy and minty taste of bee balm makes it an excellent replacement for oregano.

Try to grow bergamot as companion planting herbs so you can make tea from bee balm and you can use it to treat throat and mouth infections that are caused by the gingivitis. Bee balm comes with natural antiseptic in high levels called Thymol which you can also find in so many branded mouthwashes.

25. Lemon verbena

growing Lemon verbena

Here is the last of most recommended and best herbs to grow. Lemon verbena is a herb that is extremely useful for culinary uses. You can add lemon verbena to desserts, dressings, salads, and teas. You can grow this herb in your pot or container garden. Or you can grow them inside your house.

You can make a do it yourself soaps with lemon verbena since this herb has citric fragrance. The fragrance will stay long after the herb is being dried. Dried lemon verbena will be a great ingredient for your herb pillows and potpourris, use them in your drawers and closets to freshen your laundry. You can use oven to drying herbs.

To start growing herbs to plant together at home, you need to make sure that you have soil that is well drained. Use the potting mix in great quality if you plan to grow catnip indoors or other herbs in the containers. If your herb plants need nutrient boost, use the liquid fertilizer.

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