8 Helpful Broccoli Companion Plants and 4 Harmful Plants

Brassica oleracea cabbage family has many delicious members including broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and kale. Broccoli especially has side shoots which continue sprouting along the season. If you are going to plant broccoli, you must find some broccoli companion plants.

Companion plants will grow alongside your broccoli to help the broccoli flourish while helping deter some pests. There are at least eight different plants that will help the growth of your broccoli if you grow those plants along with broccoli. Find out the entire plants you should and shouldn’t grow down here.

What Is a Good Companion Plant for Broccoli?

Speaking about growing broccoli, there are broccoli companion plants you must grow along with the crops and some other plants that you should never grow close to your broccoli. But first of all, you’re about to see the best pants that you must plant with broccoli.

1. Chamomile


You can harvest chamomile and add it to your tea. But that’s not the main function of growing chamomile close to your broccoli. Chamomile is able to improve the flavor of broccoli. You need to plant chamomile as close as possible to broccoli crops.

2. Geraniums and nasturtium

Geraniums and nasturtium

Both geraniums and nasturtium are great plants to repel everything that will harm your brassicas plants. Cabbage loopers and cabbage worms will never bother your broccoli because of these incredible broccoli companion plants that have astringent and peppery scent.

3. Beets


Broccoli is a plant that will hog the entire calcium in your garden soil. Beets are okay with it. Otherwise, Beets will add magnesium into your garden soil and help broccoli to grow better. You need to grow them together.

4. Onions


Onions allow you to add flavor to your cooking. Also, when you grow onions close to your broccoli, they will increase the flavor of broccoli. When both plants are ready to be harvested, you can even cook them together.

5. Lettuce


Among the other broccoli companion plants, lettuce is a pairing that is mutually beneficial for your broccoli. You have to plan for Growing Lettuce from Seeds because delicate lettuce is broccoli’s best friend. It will take advantage under your broccoli’s protective shade during the midseason.

6. Potatoes


For some other plants, potatoes are not a good companion plant. It is because potatoes hog so many nutrients from your garden soil so that the other plants cannot get the nutrients they need. But when you grow potatoes close to broccoli, they can grow better and support each other.

7. Aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, mint, dill, and basil are great broccoli companion plants. Those aromatic herbs will repel the cabbage flies so that they will never lay the eggs in your broccoli crowns. They can also be harvested to help you season your cooking.

8. Radishes


Finally, there are radishes that can grow even though there is limited room for them. Radishes also enjoy cool shade which is provided by your broccoli. Plant them together and you can cook them together after the harvesting time.

Each one of broccoli companion plants comes with its own benefit for broccoli. However, some other plants will put your broccoli in danger if you grow them together. You need to learn How to Plant Radish, and about those plants you shouldn’t grow with broccoli in order to keep your crops grow properly.

Harmful Plants for Broccoli

How come some plants can be dangerous for your broccoli crops? Those plants can harm broccoli harvest simply by taking the same nutrients in the soil. Some other plants will also harm your beloved broccoli by attracting harmful pests. These plants are the worst to grow along with your broccoli.

1. Cauliflower and cabbage

Cauliflower and cabbage

Yes, cabbage and cauliflower are broccoli’s family but you better don’t plant them together since they are not broccoli companion plants. When you double up on the brassicas, you are actually putting those plants in a direct competition to earn the same resources and nutrients.

Growing brassicas close to each other will also attract some pests that will destroy your beloved plants such as aphids. Aphids will suck the broccoli shoots’ juices. Some other pests that will come and have some party are cabbage worms, cabbage loopers, flea beetles, and maggots.

2. Nightshades


Peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants will bring a negative effect for your broccoli and some broccoli companion plants that grow close to your broccoli. In order to anticipate, you will want to avoid planting them close to broccoli rows.

3. Beans


The delicious beans can be planted in your garden but not close to your broccoli. Beans will bolster the nitrogen content inside your garden soil. This isn’t good since high nitrogen content will make the garden soil become too strong for your broccoli.

4. Strawberries


When you are growing broccoli along with some other beneficial Romanesco broccoli companion plants, you should avoid heavy feeders like strawberries. Strawberries will stunt your broccoli and other broccoli companion plants growth since they will grasp at the depleted nutrients.

The rules above must be followed if you really want to see your broccoli grow healthily and can be harvested on time. Do not grow broccoli kale companion plants together with plants that must be avoided or else those companion plants won’t provide the benefit your broccoli needs.

Choosing the Right Broccoli Companion Plants

Choosing the Right Broccoli Companion Plants

Choosing a companion plant for broccoli depends on what you need in the garden. For example, if the issue you face is the harmful pests, you’ll need to grow some plants that will repel the specific pests such as catnip, rue, or marigold flower.

Or, if you need some beneficial insects to come over to your garden, consider growing some plants that can attract those pollinators such as ladybugs and bees that will pollinate your crops. Borage flowers can be planted to invite those pollinators.

But if you need to improve the nutrients in your garden soil, you’ll want to grow some specific companion plants that can bring back the essential nutrients your broccoli will need. For example if your garden is lacking nitrogen, pole beans and bush beans will help. Just don’t grow them too close to your broccoli.


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