6 Most Effective Flea Repelling Plants for Pets (Dogs and Cats)

6 Most Effective Flea Repelling Plants for Pets (Dogs and Cats)

For many of us, pets are family. And we’ll feel bad when our pets suffer from fleas. Fortunately, there are flea repelling plants that are safe for our pets. Ticks and fleas can be a terrible disaster for our pets. But you don’t have to get expensive chewable drops or pills to get rid of this disaster.

There is nothing better than trusting nature to provide the best flea repelling plants. These plants that are able to repel the fleas are safe for your pets. Those plants are going to help dogs and cats while repelling ticks and mosquitos at once.


Flea and Tick Repellent Plants for Dogs and Cats

However, before growing the flea repelling plants and then feeding them to your beloved pets, you need to talk to your vet first. Make sure that the herbs you’re about to grow are totally safe for dogs or cats you have. If you’re done talking with the vet, you are allowed to check out these incredible plants.

Though these pants are safe for us, your pets may have specific conditions. Talking to the vet will help you making the right decision whether to feed your pets with these plants or use the chemical flea repellent. If your vet says these plants are safe, here are the most recommended plants to try.

1. Mint


Dogs love to chew something green they find in the yard. So, don’t hesitate to grow mint in your yard and let your dogs chew the leaves to prevent them from getting some fleas. You’re free to plant any variety of mint such as peppermint, spearmint, orange mint, chocolate mint, or others.

Those varieties can repel the fleas and are safe for your dogs. This first of flea repelling plants can also help your dogs get a better smell after they bush up against mint plants. Besides, you are free to harvest the leaves to cook and make some tea.

You need to learn how to grow mint indoors since growing mint inside containers or pots is the best way to prevent the plant from spreading aggressively. Most varieties of mint love shade, so make sure you find a shady, moist, and nice spot for those mint plants.

2. Lemon balm

Lemon balm

Known as Melissa officinalis, lemon balm comes with rich and citrusy scent. The scent makes this flea repelling plants favored by many people but hated by the insects. Lemon balm is the best mosquito repellent and it becomes the best ingredient for bug spray extract.

Mosquitos, ticks, and fleas hate the taste and smell of lemon balm and the other plants that have citrus smell. Those insects will never go near the pets if those insects smell the lemon balm. Just like mint, you can grow lemon balm in containers or pots or let them grow aggressively in your garden.

3. Lavender


Lavender becomes everyone’s favorite because this plant can grow easily and has flowers that attract butterflies and bees. Lavender is also a beautiful flea repelling plants that is hated by moths, mosquitos, and fleas.

If you’re planning to grow lavender, keep in mind that you have to prune the flowers regularly so that the flowers can keep growing. Not only you and your kids, your pets love lavender as well. So, make sure you grow enough lavender for them.

There are more than 20 species in the genus of Lavender that come in various sizes and shapes. The propagation from the seed may be slow and hard. Prepare well-draining soil and a spot that gets enough sunlight to grow this flea repelling plants successfully.

4. Marigold


Marigold is a multi-functional plant. This flea repelling plants for dogs can deter so many insects that are interested to eat up the plants in your gardens. Plant marigold close to your crops. The aroma of marigold is going to deter the fleas and keep the cats and dogs safe.

You also need to prune the flowers of marigold to keep this plant blooming. Use the seeds inside flowers that are going to die to grow many more marigolds in your garden.

5. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum flowers were everyone’s favorite to keep insects and fleas away from the house. The flea repelling plants have pretty and decorative flowers you can keep in the pots or plant in your garden soil. You can also dry the flowers and use the dried flowers to make tea.

Grow the flowers and let the dogs eat them to get rid of the fleas. But if you own cats you’ll want to watch your cats since the flowers that are eaten in a large quantity can be toxic for your cats.

6. Rue


Before special sprays and powders were created, rue was the most famous flea repelling plants. Rue can grow better in the sun. This plant will bloom into the yellow colored flowers which attract pollinators and bees. Rue is not toxic for your cats but cats don’t like the smell of this flower.

Rue’s whole plant is all covered in the oil glands that create a bad smell. That’s why people don’t like rue. The strong smell makes rue become the best companion plant especially for fruiting plants like raspberries.

Sure you can grow those plants inside but growing them outside is a brilliant idea to repel the pesky insects. Grow those plants inside pots then place those flea repelling plants around your doorways. If your pets sleep outside, you need to plant the herbs around the kennel to repel the fleas.

You can make extract from the leaves of those flea repelling plants safe for dogs. Use the extract as the natural spray to repel bugs. Those herbs are the best flea repellent since they have a wonderful smell that fleas hate a lot. Now let us see how those herbs can help you repel the fleas.

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