The Right Ways in Growing Olive Trees

The Right Ways in Growing Olive Trees

United States is good home for growing olive trees. But olive trees can only grow in some areas like Hawaii, Alabama, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and California. Olive trees need warm temperature in summer to grow properly. Besides, during the winter, olive trees will need temperature lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 200 hours, but not less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you grow your olive trees when the weather is around 17 degrees Fahrenheit, your trees will have damaged small stem and leaf. Then your olive trees are going to be dead when the temperature around them is less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. However, mature olive trees will be able to regrow from your dead trees’ roots.


Where Do Olive Trees Grow

Growing Olive Trees

Before growing olive trees, it is totally crucial to understand the types of olive trees and where those trees will live. So there are at least three different types of olive trees. Different cultivars are going to produce different tastes of either olives or oil. To know which type you’ll love the most you could try assorted oils at the market. Choose variety of the oil you love the most.

1. Growing olive trees in Mission variety

This variety is the best one for home gardeners, especially those who want to cure or press the harvest. Some stores are offering two years old Mission olive tree. You just have to grow this tree and wait for the tree to give you enough oils.

2. Growing olive trees in Manzanillo variety

However, you might love to grow your olive tree from the small size. If so, you’d love the tiny Manzanillo variety of olive tree. This one is available to be purchased online. When you order this variety, you’ll get three inches to eight inches sized seedling that’s planted in three inches sized pot. The seller is going to give you fertilizer sample at once.

When your Manzanillo olive tree grow and reach maturity, your tree is going to reach between 30 and 40 feet height. It is going to give you big sized fruit with great taste that will be perfect in producing oils.

3. Growing olive trees in Arbosana variety

If you’re looking for olive trees that can grow in smaller spaces, you’ll love this Arbosana variety of olive tree. This tree is going to grow between 12 and 15 feet height. The spread of this tree is between 12 and 20 feet. This olive tree that comes from Spain will give you big crops that contain small fruits. Those fruits might be small but they contain high oil level that’s truly flavorful.

4. growing olive trees in Wilsonii variety

This one belongs to those who love to enjoy olive tree’s beauty without enjoying the fruits. Wilsonii variety is the fruitless option that can be purchased online and be grown in your yard. In the beginning, this tree is going to have 16 inches to 20 inches size.

Some other varieties you might want to grow in your garden are Leccino, Maurino, and Pendolino. These varieties are self-pollinating which means during the pollinator they will produce the heavier yields.

How Long Do Olive Trees Live

When you’re wondering about how long will your olive trees grow, you’re looking for unclear answers. Keep in your mind that olive trees need different time range to reach maturity, depends on the trees’ cultivar. Growing olive trees might need 3 years but some others might have to wait 12 years. Yet, most olive trees required you to grow them about 5 to 6 years to collect the fruits.

Will your olive trees die when they’re done producing the fruits? No, they won’t. If you keep taking care of your olive trees, your plants can grow for 300 to 600 years. Do you know that your olive trees can live longer than those numbers? There is one olive tree that’s certified as the oldest one. Its age is 2000 years old; it grows in Greece, it still producing fruits until today.

In the ancient Greece, the law about digging olive trees is extremely serious. Someone would be fined if he digs up lots of olive trees. The rule applies even if he digs up the trees on the land they own. This is why olive trees can grow longer in Greece. You too can let the plants grow without killing them. With some good treatment, your olive trees are going to give you fruits so much longer.

How Fast Do Olive Trees Grow

Growing Olive Trees

Growing olive trees isn’t as quick as lightning. You must prepare enough time in order to watch your olive trees grow and reach maturity. Your olive tree is about to grow only 12 inches maximum, every year. Your olive trees will become great trees if you plant them in the best place where they get 6 hours full of sunlight each day. Is it possible to enjoy the olives faster?

1. The pattern of growing olive trees

Olive trees have a drawback: it grows really slowly to reach full maturity. For very first years of olive trees’ life, your trees are going to grow a bit quickly. But after that, your olive trees’ growth will be slower. If you’re going to plant olive trees in order to enjoy the fruits, you need some tricks.

2. Making your olive trees grow faster

Your olive trees’ growth can be fastened. One thing to do it is by pruning your tree carefully. Do the pruning during the five years of your trees’ early life. Pruning your olive trees is going to create straight and strong central trunk. What if you’re growing olive trees for ornamental value?

3. Growing olive trees to decorate your garden

If the only purpose you have to grow your olive trees is just to decorate your exterior, you don’t want to do the pruning process. Just let your olive trees grow naturally. This is going to let your olive trees achieve the wizened and gnarly profile. By leaving your olive trees to grow naturally, you’ll make those trees look like the ones that grew in Middle East and Greece.

Have you decided which purpose you want with the olive trees? What you want to do with your olive trees is going to decide how long you must wait for the trees to grow. So make sure you know what you want before you start looking for the tree or seedling.

How to Prune Olive Trees

So you are interested in growing olive trees that will give you fruits. One key to get extra fruits from your olive trees is by pruning the trees. But how are you going to prune your olive trees? We’ll help you with that.

1. Watering the olive trees

You must water your young olive trees two to three times every week. Keep watering your olive trees during the trees’ first summer. Ideal water for your olive trees is four inches height of water for each watering. Don’t hesitate hydrating your olive trees again every time your trees’ soil is drying out. This helps you growing olive trees more quickly.

2. Keeping your olive trees from weeds

When your olive trees are still young, you need to make sure that they are free from weeds. Clean the weeds from three feet diameter of your young olive trees. Weeds steal all nutrients given by the soil. If your olive trees are lack of nutrients, they won’t grow as fast as you want. Don’t let a single weed destroy your beautiful trees.

3. Stimulating the growth of olive trees by using fertilizer

Newly planted olive trees need to be fertilized during the spring. Fertilize your young olive trees after the new growth starts. Your olive trees only require small nitrogen amount that you will be given through the compost. The nitrogen can also be given by organic or conventional fertilizers. Always prepare the fertilizer before growing olive trees.

4. Pruning your olive trees necessarily

During the four years of your olive trees’ early life, you need to prune your trees only as they needed. Pruning in this period is going to maintain the shape of your trees. When the trees mature then start fruiting, you’re going to figure out that the fruits will never grow from the same stem place. New growth every year is really needed for producing flower and fruiting.

5. Pruning olive trees after five years growing olive trees

Start in your olive trees’ fifth year you need to prune your trees in order to increase the airflow, maintain the form or height of the trees, and to stimulate more fruit growth. Make sure do to the pruning in the right way.

When to Prune Olive Trees (The Important Rules)

Why Is It Crucial To Prune Olive Trees

From the explanation above, after growing olive trees, there are two times to prune your olive trees. First one is between the first and forth years of your olive trees’ growth. When you prune the trees before the fifth year, you’re just going to shape your trees before they start producing the fruits. Pruning here means preparing the stems so that they’ll be ready to produce flowers and fruits.

Second pruning starts at the trees’ fifth year. This pruning process is going to give you more and more fruits. Once you decided to start growing olive trees make sure you get everything that helps you pruning the olive trees ready. There is no time for you to stop pruning. But if you don’t want to establish the fruit that’s set on the tree, there is a thing to do.

Just apply the regulator for plant growth. Another way to stop your olive trees from fruiting is using strong spray that comes from hose in order to blast off the blooms of your olive trees.

When Do Olive Trees Bloom

Why Is It Crucial To Prune Olive Trees

One you’re growing olive trees, your trees are going to pass the differentiation period. The period usually starts in March to May. The period is going to result in one from two results. Here are the results.

  1. Growing olive trees with perfect flowers is a must. This is when your olive trees have either stamen which is male part along with pistil which is female part.
  2. Staminate flowers on your olive trees. Olive trees with this kind of flowers will only have stamens with lack of pistil. It looks like the pistils have been aborted.

How come there are staminate flowers instead of perfect flowers when you’re growing olive trees? Actually, there are some reasons and theories about this thing. Yet, the main theories are these two.

  • Firstly, you have to know the main character of olive trees. Your olive trees need to use lots of energy in order to develop pistils. So that, the olive trees must moderate pistils’ number that is able to grow with nutrients that are available to them.
  • In order to pollinate your olive trees’ pistils, your trees are depended on stamens in high volume. Unfortunately, stamens have no similar nutrient requirements. This makes your olive trees to exercises the nutrient economizing which is done when they terminate the pistils.

Why Is It Crucial To Prune Olive Trees

Why Is It Crucial To Prune Olive Trees

The blooms of your olive trees can be affected by orchard stress especially that is related to the water stress. Leaves are going to win the water and make the flowers gain fewer nutrients. The very first part of flower that will fail absolutely is pistil. The stress can be avoided by providing moist soil that will keep your leaves and flowers nourished.

Besides, after the year of big harvest, the nutritional resources of your olive trees have all been depleted. You can still enjoy satisfactory harvest even though only one to two percent of your flowers that is capable to set the olive fruits. When your olive trees are blooming but you don’t see any olive that’s developed, your fruit set gets mechanical disruption.

During the critical time, your olive trees’ blooms can be knocked off by hail, wind, and/or rain. So don’t give up if your olive trees don’t develop blooms and fruits, just wait a little bit more while doing your part – pruning the olive trees to help them grow.

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