13 Best Herbs to Plant Together in Your Beautiful Garden

13 Best Herbs to Plant Together in Your Beautiful Garden

It’s not a big problem to grow many plants in a narrow garden. You can choose some best herbs to plant together. Gardeners usually do this to maximize the bed. Some plants are compatible with each other and don’t take each other’s nutrients as well.

Herbs are popular to grow in a mini garden. The gardening becomes enjoyable since they’re easy to maintain. Some of them have a strong fragrance, driving away the insect and saving other plants. Here are some beneficial herbs list you can have to grow together in your lovely backyard.


Kind of Best Herbs to Plant Together

1. Chives

herbs to plant together: Chives

Chives are the popular vegetable to grow with other herbs. It has long shape and green color. The odor is unique and people add the chives into their cook. The best partner of chives is roses. It can enhance the growth of its partner and prevent the black spot that usually appears on roses.

This plant is also great to be planted with other vegetables such as lettuce, peas, and celery. Chives won’t disturb the growth. The unique fragrance will destroy the tiny pests like aphids. If you have problem with insect in your cucumber or tomato pants, then growing chives is a must.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary in a pot

In England and the USA, rosemary is a popular herb. Besides it’s easy to growing rosemary from seed, you can have rosemary in your garden along with other vegetables. Unfortunately, this herb isn’t compatible with other herbs. The only good herbs to plant together is sage.

If you have broccoli, hot peppers, cabbage and beans, then you’d better have rosemary as well. This plant is a good companion to help enrich the soil and prevent insects. You can have rosemary in one pot, after that put it among the vegetables you have in the garden.

3. Parsley

herbs to plant together: Parsley

This easy-to-grow herb is one of the best herbs to plant together. Parsley can be found everywhere and compatible with every season. It has some good jobs such as repelling the insect pests, improving the nutrients of soil, making the taste better and also encouraging the companion to grow faster.

There are many companions for parsley. They’re asparagus, corn, tomatoes, beans, apples, pears, peppers and roses. Parsley can act as the trap for aphids and cutworms. It’s great to prevent major damage in your open garden. Parsley is also great as additional cuisine in your cook.

4. Basil

Basil in a pot

This herb is similar to rosemary. Basil is a perfect companion for vegetables, but there are best herbs to plant together with basil such as oregano, rosemary and chamomile. Meanwhile other herbs have low compatibility because basil could take the nutrients from others.

Consider basil as the companion when you have beans, potatoes, asparagus, chili, eggplant and bell peppers. Basil has the strong fragrance than keeps away insects. When it’s being neighboured with tomato, basil will enhance the flavor of it and make it fresher than the original taste.

5. Dill

herbs to plant together: Dill

Dill is a celery family. This herb is greeny weed and is used to flavor the cuisine in Asia. The most popular part of dill is the seed. You can take the advantage of dill by having the herbs to plant together in your containers then put it among the beds.

Dills are companion planting herbs that can attract insects such as butterfly and honey bees. Meanwhile the aphids, looper, and spider mites will take the distance because of its fragrance. Dill is great companion for carrots, broccoli, potatoes, sprouts, and eggplants.

6. Oregano

Oregano in a pot

Most Italian adds oregano on their dishes. This herb is very popular because of its taste. In the garden, growing oregano has a big role as best herbs to plant together. It has a very strong scent that can drive away the pests from the plants it’s being neighboured to.

This herb is very beneficial for other plants. No plants will be harmed as long as its growth is under control. You can put oregano among chickpeas, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, grapes, kale, and sweet potatoes. But make sure it’s watered regularly since the soil must be moist every time.

7. Cilantro

herbs to plant together: Cilantro

Mexican parsley is also known as cilantro the best herbs in America. Growing cilantro in pots is an easy task and has many benefits for your own garden. However, cilantro only grows well in cool season. Farmers use cilantro as the buddy for their spinach and tomato farm.

What kind of herbs to plant together with cilantro? They’re mint, basil, yarrow, dill, even tansy. They’re great to one another and won’t compete. Meanwhile for the vegetables, cilantro grows well among onions or jalapenos. This parsley can prevent the aphids attack.

8. Thyme

herbs to plant together: Thyme

If you have a vegetable garden, you can put the thyme as the best herbs to plant together. Thyme has many benefits for plants, such as keeping the soil moist, repel the insect pests, and pollinator. Thyme is easy-to-grow yet easily to be found everywhere. Mostly, thyme grows well in hot temperature area.

This aromatic herb is highly tolerant toward the drought. It’s also controllable with little maintenance. You can plant thyme as a companion of cabbage family, strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants, and potatoes. It helps to increase the growth and maximize the flavor, and prevent the pest attack.

9. Sage

herbs to plant together: Sage

What herbs to plant together in garden? Yes, the answer is sage. This herb is a big benefit for your garden as a pollinator. Sage can attract those pretty butterflies. If you have flower and herbs in your garden, sage will beautify the backyard as well.

Planting sage doesn’t need big effort. You can put it in pots or on the bed. This plant prefers the other plants such as cabbage, tomatoes, carrot, and strawberries. It won’t take the nutrients or act as a competitive herb. Meanwhile the herb to company sage is rosemary.

10. Mint

growing mint in a pot

Another best herbs to plant together is mint. Mint has strong fragrance that we love, but it’s not the same case with insects. Insects hate mint so much that they’ll keep the distance. But unfortunately, mint is best when it grows in pot only.

Mint is easy to spread. If you can’t control them, it will dominate the bed. That’s why it will be better if it grows in a pot. Because of its benefit to keep away the aphids, mint is beneficial for cauliflower, carrot, cabbage and kale. Actually, it grows well among every plant as long as its growth is maintained.

11. Tarragon

growing Tarragon

Tarragon can’t be ignored from the herb chart. It has many advantages as companion plants. Tarragon is the best herbs to grow with everything. Not only the growth, it helps enhance the flavor of every plant next to it. That’s why you may need it in your garden as the best herbs to plant together.

For the insects, tarragon is smelly and annoying. The most compatible neighbour for tarragon is eggplant. At the eggplant crops, tarragon will act as a treat for insects. It’s also great to plant with some other crops like cabbage, radish, and cauliflower.

12. Catnip

herbs to plant together: Catnip

Catnip is considered as the great herb. The usage range is wide from additional cuisine to stimulate the pet. In the garden, catnip has the important role as a pollinator. The bees will come to the garden and beautify it if you plant some flowers.

What herbs are compatible with catnip? You may have sage or rosemary. Catnip is usually put in the bed, among other plants. The odor can repel the big pests such as ants, cockroaches, and Flea Beetle. For vegetable plants, it’s a great pair for squash, beet and pumpkin.

13. Garlic

growing garlic

Having a problem like a rat attack in your garden? You may solve the problem by planting garlic. Garlic is a popular herb in the world, spread in every country, and easy to maintain. The aroma can prevent the pests from coming to the garden, and also keep the plants away from the mold and fungus threat.

Which herbs to plant together with garlic? There are many options such as sage, parsley, and asparagus. It grows well whether it’s put in a pot or the bed. Garlic is also great in many locations, including among the vegetables and crops. Once it’s harvested, it increases your appetite too.

The list of best herbs to plant together above can be the options for your garden. Adjust the kind of herbs with your garden. The larger it is, you can plant various herbs as well. Make sure that the companion is compatible. It prevents the competition, yet helps the growth and also the flavor.

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