How to Freeze Rosemary in 3 Ways (Easy Tips)

How to Freeze Rosemary in 3 Ways (Easy Tips)

Rosemary is one herb that you can find easily at the supermarket. You have to buy it in a pack, though you just need it a little for your cook. How about the rest? You need to find the way how to freeze rosemary so that this herb can be enjoyed freshly.

Like the thyme and sage, rosemary is a hardy herb. The leaves aren’t soft so it’s safe to freeze it in your fridge. It’s also a perfect choice to make it fresh for a long time. There are some steps before you freeze it. Here are the guides to freeze this best herbs to grow.


How to Freeze Rosemary

1. Freezing Rosemary in Container

The frozen rosemary can be used for any roasting cooks

The frozen rosemary can be used for any roasting cooks. You need to throw the frozen one on it. Usually the menus are potatoes, chicken and vegetables. Here are some steps on how to freeze rosemary in the freezer.

  • Prepare a baking try, container and sprigs of rosemary. The sprigs must be dry.
  • Lay the rosemary sprigs on the baking tray. Neither the below nor above the baking tray needs the cover.
  • Place the baking tray in the freezer. Make sure your freezer is empty. No fish, no meat, no containers except the ice cubes tray.
  • Let the rosemary sprigs freeze in the next few hours. It takes about 4-5 hours.
  • You’ll find the rosemary sprigs have frozen well. Remove them from the baking try.
  • Move the frozen sprigs into a container and then close it tightly. Container is suggested because it can protect the rosemary well. It prevents the flavor either. Don’t use the plastic bag though it’s a zipper one.
  • Place the container in the freezer. The rosemary will stay fresh for the next three months.
  • When you need it for roasting, just take some sprigs and put them onto your cook.

2. Freezing Rosemary in Ice Cube Tray

How to freeze rosemary in ice cube trays

How to freeze rosemary in ice cube trays? It’s easier than you think. This method is perfect for you who love to cook some pasta or stews. The cubes will melt perfectly. Here are the steps.

  • Prepare the ice cube trays, olive oil and best quality rosemary. You don’t need the dry ones. As long as the rosemary is fresh, you can make it dice as an ice cube.
  • Take the tray and place each rosemary into the slot. You can place more than one sprig rosemary into it. Make it full at least two-thirds.
  • Pour the olive oil and let the rosemary soaks in oil.
  • On top of the tray, you need to wrap with the plastic wrap. Make sure it’s safe for food purpose.
  • Place the ice cube trays in your freezer.
  • Let it at least 10 hours to perfectly frozen. Or simply just leave it overnight.
  • You can remove the solid cube after hours and place them into a ziplock bag to make your freezer neat and has more space. If you don’t remove from the tray, make the plastic wrap stays on top as the cover.
  • How to use it? Just throw the ice cubes on the pot. And cook everything with it.

3. Freezing Rosemary in Ziplock Bag

Ziplock bag

If you have narrow space in your freezer, you can keep your rosemary in a ziplock bag then put it in the fridge. But the sprigs only keep fresh in three weeks, so this method is perfect if you grow after doing how to harvest herbs. Here are how to freeze rosemary from the garden.

  • Prepare a paper towel, ziplock bag and rosemary leaves.
  • Make the paper towel damp. After that, put the rosemary inside it. This method prevents the rosemary from drying because of cold air.
  • Put the paper towel in the ziplock bag. Seal it then put in the refrigerator. The best part is under the freezer. This kind of how to freeze rosemary can keep it fresh for a few weeks.


1. Can you mix rosemary with other herbs?

rosemary and other herbs

That’s okay. Rosemary can be mixed with thyme or sage since they’re used for some cuisine together. The mix is usually frozen as an ice cube. The flavor won’t change at all and they’re safe to eat.

2. How long does frozen rosemary last?

frozen rosemary

You can put it in the fridge for about a year. But the freshness is just about 3-4 months. Over time, rosemary’s flavor degrade as well as the smell. If you have this herb in your backyard, try to learn how to freeze rosemary from the garden. Do it once in every 3 or 4 months.

3. How to defrost frozen rosemary?

 defrost frozen rosemary

How to freeze rosemary and defrost is easy. If it’s soaked in olive oil, you may use it by putting into the pan. Then start your cooking agenda. Mix all the ingredients immediately. You don’t need to defrost it in warm condition. As you take it from the freezer, you can start your cooking.

4. Does the rosemary sprigs freeze well?

rosemary sprigs freeze well.

Yes. Though the taste will be slightly different with the fresh from the garden, but rosemary sprigs freeze well. For the next 3 months, the flavor still stays the same. However if you need the dry rosemary, then don’t expect from the frozen one wince the texture is different.

5. Is it okay to freeze it with the stem?

how to freeze rosemary in containers

If you follow the instruction of how to freeze rosemary in containers, the stem part can be included. Once you want to use it, just take the leaves part into your cooking. But if you do it in ice cube trays, the leaves part must be cut into sprigs so it fits to the tray.

4. Is frozen rosemary safe to eat?

rosemary chicken

After you know how to plant herbs from seeds and harvest it, make sure you wash the leaves part before you freeze it. We never know if the leaf has some fungus or bacteria. You’ll use the frozen rosemary immediately after it’s taken from the freezer. As long as it’s clean and not over a year, then it’s safe.

How to freeze rosemary is easy. The three methods above can be applied immediately at home and it’s fast. Whether you buy it or take it from the garden, don’t throw away the rest. Put it in the freezer so you can use it next time and it’s still fresh.

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