How to Harvest Herbs and Preserve Them 7 Favorite Herbs

How to Harvest Herbs and Preserve Them : 7 Favorite Herbs

Enjoying the herbs in many cuisines can increase your appetite. If you have a garden, why don’t you try to plant some? How to grow and how to harvest herbs aren’t difficult at all. Besides the great flavors, herbs also have strong fragrance to make your garden unique.

As medicine or simply mix on the tea, herbs are fresh and has many benefits. Once you buy or harvest of your own, herbs can be preserved in a long time as well. Learn how to do all of them here for different kind of herbs. These simple guides will help you.


How to Harvest Herbs

1. Cilantro

how to harvest Cilantro

  • Cilantro grows in small size. When you find the plant has lacy and green leaves, then it’s time to harvest it.
  • How to harvest herbs of cilantro? Prepare the scissors if you have plan to let it grow for the next season. Cut the leaves properly and leave the stem. You’re also able to leave the hardy part for the next harvest.
  • Use the leaves directly after picking, or preserve them in the freezer.

2. Rosemary

how to harvest Rosemary

  • After growing rosemary from seed. Now, how to harvest without killing the plant? Don’t do the severe pruning when you harvest rosemary. Just snip the fresh foliage.
  • The size for harvesting is usually only 6 inches from the top part.
  • After that, strip the leaves from the stem for directly using or preserving.

3. Sage

how to harvest Sage

  • Sage is harvest after a year it’s transplanted in bed or pots. How to harvest herbs from pots? Pinch the leaves part carefully. Or you can take the whole stem by cutting it.
  • If the stem is left, in the next 2 months you’ll find other foliage to be harvested.
  • Taking the whole stem? Pinch all the leaves, then store them in cool place.

4. Thyme

how to harvest Thyme

  • Make sure that you’re doing how to harvest herbs for thyme in the morning, once the dew is aside.
  • After growing thyme, cut the top part of thyme about 5-6 inches. Let the woody part, don’t cut it.
  • Thyme will grow the same part and can be harvested up to 3 times in the next harvest season.
  • Trim the rest part to make it continue to grow well at the garden.

5. Basil

how to harvest Basil

  • Some people argue about spice vs herbs when it comes to basil. Did you know growing basil is one of the popular spices that is harvested many times before it dies.
  • Cut the leaves part. The younger ones have stronger flavor.
  • Do the harvest in the morning because it has more essential oil.
  • How to harvest herbs to promote growth of basil? Don’t cut the hard stem. Let it grow other leaves.

6. Oregano

how to harvest Oregano

  • Because oregano easily dies in winter, so you need to harvest it before winter. Or else, you can growing oregano indoors. Then, you need to do the instruction how to harvest herbs indoors if harvesting time is in winter.
  • Prepare your scissors to cut the plant. Pick a set of leaves and don’t cut the branch. Branch will grow more leaves for next harvest.
  • Rinse the oregano before storing or using.

7. Chives

how to harvest Chives

  • After seeding, the perfect time to harvest is after 6 months.
  • Cut the leaves, let the rest on the ground about 2 inches.
  • Do it properly so the best herbs to grow can grow more leaves next time.

How to Preserve Herbs

1. Cilantro

how to harvest Cilantro

  • Preserving in the water

As the herbs. cilantro can be preserved in the water. Prepare a jar and fill it with water partially. After that, put the cilantro leaves in it. But make sure you’ve washed them clean. Change the water every three days. The cilantro can cope until 3 weeks ahead.

  • Preserving in the freezer

When you’ve done with how to harvest herbs for cilantro, you can keep up the leaves for long period in the freezer. Boil the cilantro until the leaves wilt. Then, place all of the leaves in a freezer bag. The cilantro will stay fresh in a month. The flavor won’t change at all.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary in the jar

  • Preserving in the fridge

The most popular method to store rosemary is putting them in as an ice cube. How to freeze rosemary? The rosemary is cut into sprigs. After that, put the sprigs in the ice cube tray. Add the olive oil to the cube and let it freeze. Once you want to use it, just put the cube on the pan.

  • As drying leaves

Drying rosemary is easier method. However, the periode storage is shorter than preserving it as an ice cube. Take some of the leaves when you’re doing how to harvest herbs. After that, put them on baking sheet then oven it with 125 degrees temperature for 30 minutes. Learn more how to drying herbs in oven.

3. Sage

sage in the jar

  • Preserving in the fridge

Sage is enjoyed as fresh leaves, so the flavor is strong in the mouth. To preserve it, you can take your paper towel and wrap the sage leaves. Place the paper towel in a sealed plastic bag. It stays fresh for the next two weeks after you’re doing how to harvest herbs from pots of sage.

  • Drying sage

You can preserve the sage as dried leaves in the fall. This method is used if you love to make ravioli or stew, so that sage will be a sprinkle or powder. Dry the whole leaves under the sun. After they wilt, place them in a container. Use it in six months since the flavor will degrade.

4. Thyme

how to harvest thyme

  • Freezing the leaves

This popular method change the thyme as a flavor bomb. So, you need to prepare the ice cube trays. Take the fresh leaves when you’re doing how to harvest herbs. After that, put on the tray then add the water. Once it freezes, you can use it on your stews, soups or roasts.

  • Drying method

Drying thyme leaves, fortunately, won’t change the flavor at all. you can dehydrate the leaves under the sun for a day or put them in the oven. Once it has changed into crunchy leaves, put them in the container. Powdery thyme is perfect for your Italian cuisine.

5. Basil

storing basil

  • Preserving in the freezer

It’s the easiest way to store basil. You need to wash the leaves and rinse using the clean tea towel. After that, put them on a cooking sheet on the tray. Place it in the freezer. After the leaves have frozen, remove from the tray and move to the sealed bag. It’ll keep up to six months.

  • Preserving in the salt

After you’re doing how to harvest herbs from garden for basil, you’re able to store the leaves in salt. This way is cheap and easy if you don’t have space in the fridge. After clean up the leaves, put them in a jar. Sprinkle the salt and shake well until the leaves are covered.

6. Oregano

Oregano in the jar

  • Preserving in the fridge

Putting oregano in the fridge helps it to be fresh longer. After you got it by doing how to harvest herbs from garden, cut the leaves into sprigs. Wash and rinse, after that put them in a plastic bag. Make them loose in it. It copes about 6 months in the fridge.

  • Drying oregano

Dry oregano is people’s favorite than the fresh one. This method is easier than freezing. Take the fresh leaves from the garden then hang them in a dark place, cool, but well-ventilated. After it has dried, move it to the sealed bag and store in a cabinet to prevent light exposure.

7. Chives

Chives in the jar

  • Preserving as oil

Chives oil is great if you want to preserve it in a week. After boiling the leaves, transfer them in a little jar. Then, add olive oil, salt, and pepper. Place the jar in a refrigerator, but not in the freezer. The taste is excellent for any cuisine.

  • Freezing the chives

Freezing the leaves is possible to make it stay fresh for a long period. After it’s taken by following how to harvest herbs, chop the chives into sprigs, after that put them in ice cube trays. Add some water than freeze it until solid. It stays about six months without degrading the flavor.

If the growth is successful and the harvest time is coming, try to preserve them right. A big amount of herbs can’t be used at once, right? Learn how to harvest herbs and store them, so you don’t need to go to garden once you need the herbs.

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