How to Plant Herbs From Seed Tips You Should Know

How to Plant Herbs From Seed Tips You Should Know

Having a mini project in your garden? Why not? You can grow some herbs by learning how to plant herbs from seed first. Herbs are popular, not to mention in any cuisines and also as companion plants. Rather than buying at the supermarket, harvesting herbs in the garden is more fun as well.

Before you go, consider your garden type. Is it paving block so it’s better to have containers or having plain beds? The garden will influence the herbs you’ll have. Here are some herbs growing tips and also the kind of herbs that you might consider to plant.


Growing Herbs From Seed Tips

1. Type of Containers

Type of Containers for starting gardening

Growing herbs from seed likely needs containers like jars or small pots. You need to prepare a seed-starting flats or reused containers to save your budget. Consider toilet paper rolls or unused pots, but make sure there’s a hole drainage at the bottom.

2. Light

Herbs will grow healthily under full-sun

Herbs will grow healthily under full-sun, so it’s better to choose spring when you do seed-starting. If you grow the herbs outdoor, place them without the shades. How to plant herbs from seed indoors? Place the container next to the window to get the light during the day. Combine with other herbs in your window garden.

3. Choosing the seed

the seed quality

Don’t ignore the seed quality. Choose the fresh seed only to avoid the growth failure. If the seed is too dry, you need to take time longer because it needs to germinate. Throw away the rot ones because it probably contains pathogens.

4. Sowing the seed

Sowing the seed

When the soil is ready, poke the surface to create a hole. Each hole contains 2-3 seeds. Don’t poke too deep because the seed will find it hard to grow. If you’re doing how to plant herbs from seed outdoors, make sure you place it in warm location and get light exposure.

5. Watering

Herbs will only grow well if the soil is moist

Herbs will only grow well if the soil is moist, not too dry and otherwise. Take a look once in several days, poke the surface of the soil. If it’s sandy, water the seed in considerable amount. Water will create humid condition so the seeds germinate easily.

6. Fertilizing


Start to give some fertilizer when the seed has changed into sprout. How to plant herbs from seed needs organic fertilizer like fish fertilizer or compost. Just follow the rule to get the best result for your herbs

7. Thin and transplant

transplant the seed

In two weeks, the sprouts will get bigger. It’s time to remove the weak ones. Meanwhile the strong plant should be placed in other containers. But if it’s hardened off, you can put them on the bed or container outside that you consider as the permanent location.

How to Plant 5 Best Herbs From Seed

1. Basil

Basil seed

Basil is an annual herb that grows easily in any climate. The leaves are shiny and smooth with great flavor and strong fragrance. People in many countries use basil to add onto the dishes. Basil grows well if it gets 6-hour-light every day and the growth can reach 24 inches.

  • Growing basil: how to plant herbs from seed? You need to start seeding the basil seed up to 8 weeks indoors. Seeding must be in warm and moist condition. After it’s hardened off, place them in permanent location with 12 inches apart so it won’t be competitive.
  • Harvest : As it’s getting older, the flavor weakens. So you need to pick the young leaves to get the freshest flavor. Just pinch off the upper stem or the leaves. Do it carefully so other leaves won’t damage.

2. Thyme

how to plant herbs from seed : thyme

Thyme is one of best herbs to grow. It grows as woody plant with small and oval leaves. If you love savory flavor, thyme is a must try when you’re cooking. The size is quite small, only 12 inches as the tallest. It needs 15 days to germinate and needs at least 6-hours of full sun.

  • Growing thyme: It’s not that hard to have thyme at your garden. it can be good companion plants on the bed. Before transplanting, you need to start seeding about 8 weeks indoor. The soil has to be moist because thyme hardly germinates. Once it sprouts, it grows well.
  • Harvest: After you know how to plant herbs from seed, especially thyme, you need to harvest the foliage part. Cut is using the scissors about 3 inches. Let the rest of it grow more leaves for the next harvest time.

3. Chives

growing chives from seed

Somehow, you’ll think that chives look alike grass. It’s perennial herb which has onion flavor and make the dishes more delicious. When it blooms in the summer, it can attract many beneficial insects. Chives grow well though it gets 4 hours light only.

  • Growing chives : How to plant chives? It needs up to 20 days to germinate. Seeding must be started about 6 weeks. Once it hardens, you can transplant outside. Learn how to plant herbs from seed in pots, so you don’t have to remove them. Just take the pots in permanent location.
  • Harvest : After you know how to grow chives indoors or outdoors, you can harvest this plant. Chives can be harvested after a year. Choose the leaves, whether it’s old or young because the flavor is same. Trim the rest so it continues to grow well.

4. Rosemary

growing Rosemary from seed

Rosemary has unique shape. This organic herbs is popular in Asia and Europe where it’s used as additional in many kinds of cuisine. How to plant herbs from seed of rosemary is easy. The seed can be placed on the bed or on the container.

  • Growing rosemary: Sow the seeds on the flat tray. Make sure it gets the direct sunlight. After the seedling emerges into six inches, you can transplant the rosemary into other location. When should I plant the rosemary? Consider the spring or summer.
  • Harvest: Choose the fresh foliage of rosemary. You can use the scissors so the other leaves or part won’t be damaged. Usually, it needs about six months to be harvested. After that, learn how to freeze rosemary to make the freshness longer.

5. Cilantro

growing Cilantro from seed

Also known as coriander, this plants grows quickly annually and copes in cool season. How to plant herbs from seed of cilantro doesn’t need big effort. It germinates in 15 days, but the root is easily disturbed. Consider the pot to grow this herb.

  • Growing cilantro Start the seed in summer because it has to be transplanted in autumn. The sowing period needs up to 3 weeks. After it becomes mature, drop it outside. The soil must be well-drained.
  • Harvest: if you find it as 4-inches plants, it’s time to take the leaves. Choose the outer part and fresh ones. The fresh cilantro can be enjoyed immediately after harvested.

Learning how to plant herbs from seed can be enjoyable. Mostly, the herbs are versatile in the garden like preventing pests and enhancing the beauty. Choose the best one to make your garden perfect.

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