8 Most Recommended Lettuce Companion Plants

Lactuca sativa is a famous green plant we all know as lettuce. People love to plant many kinds of lettuce such as romaine lettuce or leaf lettuce. This plant can grow quickly and is very easy to harvest. If you want to plant lettuce, you need to plant some lettuce companion plants.

Why do you need to plant lettuce with something else? One reason is because those companion plants have specific functions that will help the growth of your lettuce. Check out these many plants that will be great to be planted with your lettuce.

Meaning and Functions Romaine Lettuce Companion Plants

Before seeing the list of the best plants, you must first understand the meaning of companion plants and why your lettuce would need companions. Companion plant is a plant that grows along with your lettuce plants. This method is used to enrich and protect the vulnerable crops.

Gardeners and farmers would plant some specific crops close to each other to deter the pests, stimulate the crops’ growth, and to attract many beneficial insects. Below are some benefits of planting your lettuce with some other plants:

1. Repelling the insect pests

Repelling the insect pests

Cucumber beetles, cabbage worms, carrot flies, cabbage moths, and Mexican bean beetles are pests that will destroy your garden. Lettuce companion such as rue, catnip, and marigold flowers would repel some specific pests and must be planted close to your lettuce to keep it free from pests.

2. Attracting the beneficial insects

Attracting the beneficial insects

Pollinators, such as ladybugs and bees, will visit the vegetable gardens to pollinate your crops. Attractive plants such as borage flowers usually are used by the gardeners to encourage the visit of pollinators.

3. Improving the nutrients of your garden soil

Improving the nutrients of your garden soil

When your lettuce crops grow, they will take up the valuable nutrients that are provided by the soil and leave you with a bunch of work at the season’s end to renew the nutrients of the garden’s soil. Lettuce companion plants like pole beans and bush beans will bring back the nutrients.

Those butter crunch lettuce companion plants will add some crucial nutrients such as nitrogen back into your garden soil. The nitrogen and other crucial nutrients will help keep your lettuce crops healthy.

4. Encouraging better taste and faster growth

Encouraging better taste and faster growth

Summer savory, chamomile, marjoram, and some other companion plants are able to release some specific chemicals which are encouraging the better taste or faster growth in your lettuce crops or any crops you plant close to those special plants.

5. Providing the ground cover

Providing the ground cover

Some plants that spread really low across your garden ground, such as oregano, could serve as the blanket over your garden soil. Oregano and some other companion plants herbs can protect the soil from the heat of the sun.

For some lettuce that needs to grow in an area that has lower temperatures, those companion plants or herbs that grow low above the ground can keep the soil cooler so that your lettuce crops could grow better.

Now since you’ve learned how crucial the companion plants are, you need to know the best lettuce companion so that your lettuce crops could grow better.

The Best Miner’s Lettuce Companion Plants

Flowers, aromatic herbs, and veggies can all be companion plants for your lettuce. Make sure you know the characteristics of each plant before deciding which one is the right one for your lettuce crops.

1. Mints


Mints are the best companion plant for lettuce crops. Mint plants come with aroma. Each type of mint has a different aroma, including the sage and hyssop. The aroma of mints will repel the slugs that are dangerous pests that can kill your lettuce.

Plant your mints close to the lettuce crops or learn how to grow mint indoors before moving them to your garden. Let them protect your precious lettuce crops.

2. Chives


Chives will act not only as the lettuce companion plants but also as the barrier plants against the aphids. You need to plant the chives between the lettuce crop’s rows in order to deter the aphids from invading your lettuce leaves and take you down by destroying the entire leaves.

3. Cilantro


Cilantro is one of amazing herbs that work effectively in warding off the pesky insects while attracting the beneficial insects. You need to plant fragrant coriander or cilantro right beside the lettuce crop to deter all the dangerous pests.

4. Chervil


If slug is a really serious issue in your garden, you need lettuce companion plants that are able to repel the slug. And there’s nothing better than chervil in keeping the lettuce eating slugs away from the lettuce crops. Learn more about chervil plant.

5. Shallots and onions

Shallots and onions

Root crops like shallots and onions are able to utilize the underground space not only to grow the produce but also to let the lettuce plants that have extra shallow roots grow above your garden soil. You can combine your lettuce and alliums together in order to maximize the garden space.

6. Garlic


Garlic works like some other lettuce companion plants, such as chives. This wonderful plant will fight against the aphids so that they won’t touch your lettuce crops and help you harvest the lettuce on time.

7. Calendula


Unlike some other leaf lettuce companion plants, this one is unique since you need to plant calendula away from the lettuce crops. Slugs love calendula so much. By planting calendula away from the lettuce crops, slugs will gather around the calendula and forget to party on your lettuce.

8. Squash and melons

Squash and melons

If you are going to grow baby lettuce, consider squash and melons as your lettuce companion plants. Baby lettuce is an extremely fast grower but squash and melons need more time to spread out. After harvesting the lettuce, the slow grower plants will be ready to take over the lettuce’s space.

This is the best way to maximize your garden space. Another way to maximize the garden space is by planting lettuce crops along with parsnips that are root crops and will use the underground space while allowing your lettuce to grow above your garden soil.

Which one between the entire plants above that attracts your interest the most? No matter which one you desire, make sure you learn the best way to grow them so that they will accompany your lettuce until the harvesting time.

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