Best Choices of Outdoor Water Features for Your Garden & Backyard

To create a beautiful and peaceful garden, you need to mix some natural elements in it, for example earth and water. Therefore, if you can only see plants and earth in your garden, you must add a water element in it. And, the best way to do it is by installing an outdoor water features. This water structure produces trickling sound that will make you feel more relaxed.

A water feature doesn’t only give you a calming effect. It also makes the garden look much more attractive. In addition, a water structure adds a cool and fresh atmosphere in your garden. However, to get all those advantages, you need to choose the right feature. These are some ideas of outdoor water features that you may consider.

Wall Water Features Outdoor

Some people think that an outdoor water feature will restrain their movement in their small garden. However, there are several outdoor water features that are perfect for a garden with limited space.

1. Small wall water fountain outdoor


This particular fountain doesn’t take much of your space since they are mounted on the wall. It usually has several taps on it where the water cascades out of them. In addition, it is also furnished with a small collecting bowl. Therefore, the cascaded water will be collected in it.

This fountain is usually made of polystone which is weatherproof and durable. The polystone is shaped into various models. Most of these outdoor water features are designed in classic style. However, you can also choose a less ornate wall water fountain for a contemporary garden.

2. Wall fountain


Another water feature that you can choose is a wall fountain. This fixture is tall but narrow. In installing it, you only need to mount the wall fountain on the wall of your garden. A wall fountain is mostly made of stone or polystone. It has cool design and tends to be minimalist. But, you can also find some wall fountain with more ornate details.

In addition, this water structure usually has a collecting pond below the cascading water. This pond can be functioned as a fish pond. However, others do not have this pond. Instead, there are lots of pebbles arranged under the cascading water.

3. Outdoor glass waterfall


An outdoor glass waterfall is a nice addition in your garden. It is cool, elegant, and calming. Outdoor glass waterfall is very compact. Therefore, it is suitable for a small backyard. In addition, it is available in various sizes.

4. Water curtain


This particular fixture is one of the favorite outdoor water features. It is pretty unique and attractive. Moreover, it looks good in most garden, large or small. The shape of this structure is very simple. It consists of a frame which looks like a door frame and a sprayer. When you turn on the sprayer, water will come out of it and form a rain water curtain.

This water curtain is bigger than certain outdoor water features. But, it does not take a lot of space since it is compact. You can place it in the middle of your garden or close to a wall. If you choose the former, you will be able to have fun under this water curtain.

Large Outdoor Water Features

If you have a large garden, you must go for large outdoor water features. The choices of this water feature are endless. These are some of them.

1. Rock waterfall


Having a rock waterfall will surely make your garden look stunning. This particular water feature takes more space than mostoutdoor water features. It is because this structure consists of spillway rocks and a pond. To make your rock waterfall more attractive, you need to add some plants around it.

2. Pool


If you love swimming and have a large backyard, you can build a pool in it. However, for best result, you need to choose a natural pool instead of common pool. The natural one looks like a miniature of lake. Therefore, your backyard will look more wonderful than before.

There are several ways to create a natural look of your pool. One of them is adding a small fountain on its side. In addition, you also need some rocks, pebbles, and plants to decorate it. But, if a natural pool is too much for you, you can opt for a natural hot tub.

3. Garden stream


Another large outdoor water feature that you can choose is a garden stream. Lining your garden with this stream can create a big difference in your garden. This stream is actually a bit narrow. But, it stretches along your garden so that it takes lots of space.

If it is too much for you to construct a garden stream along your garden, you don’t need to worry. You may shorten its length so that you can maintain it easier. For better result, you need to construct this shorter stream on the edges of your garden.

4. Courtyard fountain


A courtyard fountain is one of the best outdoor water features. It looks good in any backyards. In addition, you can make it as a focal point of your backyard if you choose the large one. This fountain usually has a classic design. Moreover, it is also available in several choices of tier number. To make your garden look amazing, you need to place it where people can see it easily.

Koi Pond


This kind of pond is a nice addition in any backyards. There are many koi pond ideas that you can choose. However, not all of these outdoor water features are good for your garden. You need to choose a koi pond idea that can enhance the beauty of your garden.

Basically, there are two types of koi pond that you can choose. They are above ground koi pond and in-ground koi pond. The former can transform your garden beautifully, especially if it has a glass window. Therefore, you can see the beautiful fish swimming more clearly. An above ground pond also allows you to sit on the wall of the pond.

However, an in-ground koi pond is also beautiful. You can decorate it with stones and pebbles to make it interesting. Moreover, you can also grow some plants in it and around it. As a result, your koi pond will look like a miniature of lake. In choosing the plants, be sure that it is not poisonous for the koi. Some of the recommended plants are hyacinth, lotus, lettuce, and water lily.

Modern Outdoor Water Features


If the exterior of your home is styled in modern design, then you need to choose a modern water feature for your garden. This type of structure usually looks simpler than the traditional one. A less ornate outdoor water feature goes well with the clean lines exterior of your house.

Moreover, it usually shows geometric patterns. Spheres or balls, spirals, and rectangular shape are some of the commonly found shapes on modern outdoor water structures. Since it is designed in modern style, its materials slightly differs from the classic water feature. You will find ones that are made of stone or polyresin structure and others that are made of metal or glass.

There is a difference between modern water features and the traditional one, i.e. its feature. In the modern ones, you can found water structures with LED lights. Therefore, they will look beautiful at nights. And make your garden looks amazing at this time.

Examples of Modern Outdoor Water Features

These are some modern outdoor water features that can make your garden and backyard look beautiful.

1. Water blade fountain


A water blade fountain is different from the traditional taps or spigots. Instead of round and small, its opening is wide, thin, and made of stainless steel. With this shape and material, it is no wonder that this fountain is called blade fountain.

In this particular fountain, the water cascades in sheet. Therefore, it looks attractive and different. A water blade fountain can be created as a wall fountain or waterfall. You only need to mount it on stone wall to make it as a wall fountain. And if you want to create a waterfall with it, you can install two or three water blade fountains on your existing pool, pond, or other water structures.

2. Sphere outdoor fountain


A sphere water fountain looks very simple. But, it looks stylish and elegant. This type of fountain is made of various materials. You can choose one that is made of stone, polystone, glass, or stainless steel. For a natural look, you can choose one of the sphere outdoor water features made of stone or polystone. But, for a more modern look, you must opt for the glass or steel one.

This particular fountain is available in different size. As a result, you can choose one that suits the size of your garden. Moreover, there are several designs that you can choose. Some of them are a single sphere with or without tray, a single sphere sits on a bar of stone, a single sphere with light, and a group of spheres

3. Water wall


At a glance, a water wall is almost similar to water curtain fountain. However, you cannot walk through the former as if you walk through the latter. This water wall fountain is constructed of a frame, sprayer, and a sheet of glass. It is unique and looks more modern than the water curtain fountain.

A water wall can be installed near an outdoor sitting area. In this case, it adds a bit of privacy for those who sit on this area. Moreover, you can also install it above a pool or on the edge of your garden. For a small garden, you had better choose the latter.

Solar Powered Water Features Outdoor


Adding a water feature in your garden will cause you to use more electricity. It is because most outdoor water features need electric pumps to work. But, if you want to save some energy, you can choose a solar powered water feature. There are choices of water fountains that are powered with solar energy to match the style of your backyard.

Each of the solar powered outdoor water features is equipped with a small solar panel which must be placed near this structure. This fountain will work maximally if you place it in an area which gets full direct sun. As a result, many people think they cannot have it in a semi shaded area. For this kind of area, you can opt for dual powered water fountains.

Dual powered outdoor water features are equipped with solar panel and battery. Therefore, when the panel doesn’t get enough sun, they will keep working because they are powered by the battery. To make sure that the water features work all the time, you need to charge this battery regularly.

If you want to purchase a solar powered water fountain, you need to prepare more money for it. This water feature is more expensive than the traditional fountain. In addition, you need to maintain it by cleaning the panel regularly so that it works maximally. You must also turn this fountain off a couple of days so that the solar panel can fully charge the battery before you turn it on for the first time.

Tips in Choosing a Water Feature

tips in choosing outdoor water features

Since there are many choices of outdoor water features, it is no wonder that some of you have difficulty in choosing the right one :

  • Aside from considering the size and the style of the garden and the water feature, you also need to consider the maintenance of the water feature.
  • If you choose a large water structure, be prepared that you need to spend more time and energy to clean it.
  • Another thing you need to consider when choosing outdoor water features is the material. Some material, such as stone and polystone are weatherproof and durable. Meanwhile, wood and glass may not have similar durability.
  • Moreover, different materials also require different maintenance and cleaning. In consequence, you need to choose the water feature smartly.

Having an outdoor water feature can indeed make your garden looks more attractive. It also offers a soothing effect for you. However, this structure needs regular maintenance. Some outdoor water features require more maintenance than the others. That’s why you need to keep it in mind when choosing the right water feature for your garden or backyard.

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