14 Types of Popular Plants that Grow in Water

14 Types of Popular Plants that Grow in Water (Herbs, Indoor Plants, etc)

If you have limited space to grow plants, it’s to consider growing them in the water. There are lots of plants that grow in water and bring abundance benefits to your daily life.

So, just hang them somewhere in your kitchen garden window or put them on sunny spots inside your home, you will get natural decorations. Here, several plants which grow well in the water.


Simple Herbs to Grow in Water

Growing herbs in the water allow you to create meals full of nutrients and enrich their flavors. Consider some of the herbs to grow in water:

1. Basil


As common herbs for cooking, especially Italian classic dishes, Basil can be planted in the water. Just cut about 2 inches or longer of its root and put it in on the water. Basil grows well either indoors or outdoors. By growing basil indoors and hanging it, you can benefit from its wonderful leaves’ fragrance.

2. Oregano


Not only add to Italian dishes, but Oregano is also often used to add flavors of soup or pasta sauces. To grow it in water, just cut its stem and put it directly inside the water. Once put in a jar containing water, always monitor the oregano cutting since it grows fast. With that simple way you can grow oregano indoors.

3. Rosemary


For growing rosemary in the water, shed the bottom leaves after cutting the rosemary stems. Then place it into the water. The leaves on the cutting commonly remain green and thick. Not only serves as a tasty herb, but growing rosemary indoor also makes it a natural air freshener.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Growing lemon balm in water can be done just by cutting its fresh stem and place it into a jar of distilled water. The roots start to emerge within two or three weeks.  Make sure to put the lemon balm on windowsill receiving ample sunlight since it requires bright light to flourish.

5. Thyme


Often add to dishes containing poultry, thyme produces edible flowers when bloom. Thyme can be planted into the water by cutting on its stem. The roots usually start to appear after two weeks it stays in the water. Start learn to growing thyme is a great idea.

Indoor Plants to Propagate in Water

The process of plants that grow in water without soil is often called a hydro-culture. Although almost all plants can be rooted in water, these plants can perfectly propagate in water inside your home.

6. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

To propagate Chinese Evergreen, cut fresh and matured stems about 6 inches and make sure that each stem already has one leaf. Put the cutting stems on the glass jar and fill it with enough water that supporting the roots to grow. Rainwater water is the best media for this plant to grow.

7. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Take mature Peace Lily and clean them from soil by placing them in a container with lukewarm water. Washed them and cut the branch with a knife. Make sure to leave some of its leaves. Put them on a glass bowl filled with water to see the growing roots. Changes the water regularly so they can grow healthily.

8. Philodendron


Need plants that grow in water with less care, consider philodendron. This plant is still alive although you don’t change the water inside the jar within a year.

To start planting, cut 6 inches of stem from the mature plants and quarter inches under the leaf node. Leave two or three leaves on each stem, put them on a jar containing water with all nodes are underwater.

Colorful Plants to Raise in Water

Having plants that grow in water vases that bring vibrant touches to the house is pretty interesting. Here, some colorful plants that live well in water.

9. The Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew

Having a combination of green, purple, and silver color, the Wandering Jew serves as a good centerpiece of the table or bookshelf. It grows fast and new roots start to emerge within a day after put inside the water.

Cut the stem from the mature plants and remove the top leaf of each plant. Once put inside water, the node on the stem starts to grow new roots.

10. The Purple Heart Plant

The Purple Heart Plant

Appear in all purple leaves, Purple Heart will add a pop of color inside the home. Its propagation method is completely easy. Cut some mature stems as well as remove the highest and bottom leaf. Put the nodes in the water to grow the roots.

11. The Coleus Plant

The Coleus Plant

Come in different varieties, Coleus plant gives plenty of colors. Growing roots on Coleus is rather different from other plants because it has two types of plants. A typical stem comes with a node on the bottom and an apical stem comes with a bud.

For the apical stem, take the mature stem and cut about 6 inches remove leaves from the bottom and leave the upper ones. Make sure all the nodes are underwater when you put stems inside the water.

Vegetables to Regrow in Water

Several veggies belong to plants that grow in water only and plant them will be useful for your daily cooking and meal preparation. Here, a couple of plants that can be regrown in water

12. Green Onions

Green Onions

Cut some green onions around one or two inches from their root-end, then put the bottom of cutting stalks on a glass jar. Fill ¾ inch of the jar with water. Put the jar on sunny spots like windowsill. Make sure to change the water once in a few days and their heights will increase within a week.

13. Lemongrass


Similar to green onions, cut lemongrass stalks several inches from their root-end. Then place them on glass jars. Fill an inch of jar with water to let the roots grow. Put on windowsill and change the water daily and within few weeks you can growing lemongrass on ground for more shrubs.

14. Carrot Tops

Carrot Tops

Chop the carrot tops and put them on water. Then, place them on spots that get enough sunlight. Within few days the greenery will pop out from the carrot tops. And don’t forget you can also growing carrots in containers.

By placing plants that grow in water around the home, you will always get fresh herbs and veggies to consume as well as a better home ambiance with fresh fragrant air produced by plants and naturally colorful decors.

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