3 Best Types of Plants for Your Window Garden

3 Best Types of Plants for Your Window Garden : Herbs – Vegetables

What makes windowsill garden or window garden special is that it can be placed whether outdoor or indoor. If you consider planting something in your windowsill garden, make sure your planter boxes face the east or south to make sure that the plants get enough sunlight, especially in winter.

What about the plants that you can plant in the windowsill garden? It actually depends on the space requirements and on your needs. Vining plants and flowering plants can do better in the outside gardens. If you have an indoor windowsill garden, you’ll want to plant some herbs.


Best Plants for Window Garden Ideas

Best Plants for Window Garden Ideas

When choosing the plants to grow in the window garden, you must consider the available space for the plants to develop in. Also consider the color, size, and shape of the plant. Vining and flowering plants such as purple colored morning glories and winter jasmine work nicely for outdoor windowsill gardens.

But if you want to combine flowering plants and herbs, you should prepare at least two planter boxes. Combining different kinds of plants in one box will be tricky. Make sure you learn how to grow mint indoors instead of mixing your mint or other herbs with the flowers that are better growing outside.

Choosing the Right Window Garden Plants

There are so many plants to beautify your windowsill garden. But if you are interested in beautifying your garden with colorful flowers, you must switch out the plants every three months since different plants will blossom at some different times. Here are some plants to consider:

1. Smaller plants for colorful window garden

Smaller plants for colorful window garden

Smaller plants such as pansies or the viola tricolor can be a nice choice. Or you may want to plant snapdragons. Both types of plants produce big blooms even though they have small size. Those plants are also really colorful. They will provide visual variety for the window garden.

2. Herb gardens that give you fresh herbs

Herb gardens that give you fresh herbs

If you want herb gardens, consider mint, parsley, basil, oregano, and rosemary to beautify your indoor herb garden. Keep in mind that you should not fill your 24 x 6 inches window garden box with more than 4 different herb plants.

Planting different herb plants in one window garden planter box means you need to find herb plants that have the same moisture and sunlight requirements.

3. Small vegetables

Small vegetables

Windows that get direct sunlight for more than 6 hours each day are the best spot to grow vegetables.  Garden with lots of sun and space can be a great home for tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers. If your window has less space to grow veggies, consider radishes or leaf lettuce.

Vegetables that you plant in your window garden need regular watering and fertilization. Watering and fertilization will give you a healthy harvest.

No matter what plants you desire, you need to understand what each plant wants and requires. By knowing the characteristics of every plant, you’ll provide everything the plant needs to grow successfully. Then your flower will beautify your exterior while the herbs and veggies will give you healthy foods.

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